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Letter from Founding Commander’s Wife and Family

Hello Heritage Palms Siblings,

It has been some time since I sent an update and photo on my wonderful gift from you all. Since we last visited I have had a few procedures to gain my mobility back. Coonie my super service dog has been near my side the entire way. Since having him with me so many freedoms have opened up.

We went camping one weekend, and it was so relaxing. I don’t know which one of us was more excited. We had one night that got us both stirred up though. I woke up to my super hero laying over top of me growling like I have never heard before or since. I got him to settle down and then I could hear the issue in the distance. Coyotes running through doing their normal noise, and Coonie laying over my body to keep me protected was a great feeling. I patted him on the nearest body part to me which was his rump, told him thank you, good job, and he instantly wagged his tail which was of course beating me across my face. Coonie had placed his butt on my chest and his head over my legs which was facing the door to the tent. Such a smart boy he is.

I have also earned my captains license and currently trying to get a charter business off the ground. Coonie loves the boat and playing on the beach with me. Taking him fishing has been a challenge. He gets upset that he cant chase what I cast over the side and wants to help me get the fish in the live well. Both quite funny but truly a challenge as I don’t want him to get stuck by a fin. 

If by chance there is an individual among your group that would be willing to give me some of their valuable time to mentor me, I would be very appreciative. All advice is appreciated as I want the business to succeed.  

Again, thank you so very much for the contribution you all made to help me have this amazing partner in my life.

Jennifer Timothy and Coonie